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Missy is a cute brunette that I took with me on a weekend trip to my friend's lake house. I made out with her on the terrace and grabbed my camera. She sucked on my knob then went to sit on it with her hot pussy. I loved seeing her firm ass move back and forth when I banged her doggystyle. She jerked me off and I squirted cum all over her pretty face.

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Missy Nicole


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We are introduced to brunette doll Missy outside on a balcony. She has pink bikini-top, short black mesh skirt, and pink panties on. Our man loves to use his fingers on her 20-year-old pussy. Missy gives us a nice look at her A-cups. She does a nice little dance for us. After a while she looses her skirt and panties for us. She takes a seat on a tall chair with a square pillow top. Missy plays with her delectable cunt with her legs high up in the air. The second his cock comes out, she slides off the chair. Missy squats on the balcony floor, and her lips kiss his balls. Her right hand takes hold of his cock at the base. Her lips swoop over his cock head, swirling around it. Both hands massage his meat as she wiggles more of it into her mouth. Her face is electric as she plays with her new toy. With his left hand he helps to push her head back and forth over his dick. Missy’s tongue licks the bottom of his shaft and his balls. For a few seconds she sucks a ball into her mouth. Obviously Missy thinks on a cock so thick you must use two hands a lot to get the job done. She does not suck his cock, she makes love to it with her mouth. Missy is evidently well schooled in the art of bowjobs. She knows a complete blwojob includes sucking, licking, and hand work on the shaft and nuts. Missy stands up. She takes a seat on the chair again. She lifts her legs, and begins to rub her pussy. With her left hand Missy pilots his large cock through her lips and into her delectable pussy. We get a great overhead view as his snake slithers in and out of her hole. Occasionally Missy rubs and slaps her cunt just above the invading serpent. He can hear how wet her pussy is from the squishy sounds made as he plunges in and out. Once more, Missy slides off the chair, and squats before her master. She loves the taste of her pussy juice which sheaths his dick. She goes back to her patented two-dick cocksucking technique. A few times his hand grabs a firm hold of head by the hair. Missy sits on the chair doggy style. His manmeat glides back into her pussy from behind. He gives her a good ride. He loves pulling on her black hair for leverage. For a short time he comes around to the other side of the chair so Missy can lean forward to suck on it. He returns to the other side to resume his pussy jamming. Our stud lies down on the balcony. Missy straddles him, and slides her pussy down over his upright tower-of-power. With her legs planted firmly below her she slides up and down his beanstalk. After awhile Missy removes her shoes. She squats between his legs to suck on his yummy dick some more. After the brief intermission she climbs back on his rigid tool. Missy leans back between his legs. Her smallish tits point upward as she bounces on his cock. Missy can’t stay away from sucking dick. Sitting between his legs she smothers his one-eye guy with oral love. After awhile Missy lies down a towel on the balcony. Our trusty swordsman pile drives her pussy. Her ass is high in the hair as her soggy is plundered. Kneeling on the towel Missy picks up where she left off on his cock with her mouth. His dick is putty in her hands and mouth. Jerking his shaft with her right hand Missy’s face greet his first load. It stripes her face from her right cheek to her left eye. The next discharge leaves a huge blob on her right cheek. One shots sails wildly striking her left shoulder. A few more small jets pop out onto her face. Missy seemed very happy about her facial gift. Between Missy’s energy, looks, and oral skills this scene is an 8 to 8?. It helps that our stud has a good size cock.


“Missy? Miss PurePOV!” Face: A Body: A+ Charm: A+ Sex: A+ (A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich) THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS I HAVE DOWNLOADED OFF THE INDEXXXED NETWORK, and it is easily the best of the POV site so far. I understand that everyone has different tastes, and saying “the best” is purely a personal preference and may not hold true to other opinions. But let me make a case for this vid … 1) Missy Nicole is a beautiful starlet. She has a lean, toned body, with smooth skin and a pretty face. She has natural tits and an amazing ass. I find it refreshing to be so turned on by a beautiful natural girl. Her tits are smaller, but on that body no one could turn them down. 2)Her personality is a plus. Missy puts on a hell of a show. She is sensual, she exudes pleasure, and she seems to have a ravenous appetite for sex. She is vocal when she needs to be, but quiet and docile at other times. This is a great, energetic performance. What sets her apart from a lot of other girls on camera is her attitude – she is quite comfortable on camera, easy to please, and a delight to watch. She radiates sincere pleasure during her tease and performance, as if she was having sex with her boyfriend in her private life. This is especially good for POV work, because her warm on-camera demeanor makes her feel as if she’s really in the room with you. There’s nothing cold or routine about her performance. 3) Her blowjob is fast and furious for five fucking minutes!!! (6:00-11:00) 4)No anal, but pounding her vag from behind while she is perched on the stool, with a fabulous shot of her ass the entire time, is in my books just as good. (16:15-19:20) 5) The scene is shot well. It’s outdoors which means there is great lighting and her body is glistening and ready to go. The orange bikini is a sexy way to start off the tease by the pool and got my blood racing. The director does a great job of mixing close up shots of penetration with wide shots of her entire body. 6) Positions galore for this dirty whore. On her knees, bent over, on her back with her legs over her head, riding cowgirl on top … You name it , and you see her fabulous little body do it. Kudos. Thanks for the great porn. One of my highest recommendations. A definite download. -Scene Doc


Missy is a hot Hungarian girl with a tight body. She is a natural beauty. All the action takes place outdoors on a terrace, with good lighting. Excellent location to have sex with a hot woman. The actor/director has a big cock and he knows hot to fuck and Missy gives a good performance during all the action. Both actors do an excellent job. Missy puts a lot of energy sucking his cock and they fuck in several positions. Besides that, I think that better positions could have been chosen and the scene would had been even better. The scenes ends when Missy makes him cum using her hands and receives a cumshot over her face and shoulders. Pretty good scene. One of the best PurePOV I have seen so far.


This striking scene opens over the patio of a lush and beautiful back yard. The model Missy Nicole is a stunning babe with straight black hair and one of the sweetest bodies available. She has the tightest and luscious ass you could possibly imagine, a beautiful pink pussy and a small (though beautiful) pair of perky and firm titties. The begining 5 minutes hold some of the best POV foreplay footage available. This opening sequence is filled with some amazing angles of Missy’s perfect ass and her immaculate pussy. The camera man begins by playing with missy’s hot ass, and she absolutely loves it. While she begins (with his help) to undress in a strip-tease fashion the cameraman spits over her pink lips and begins to finger fuck her tight pussy. He then allows her to finger herself on a stool in an extreamly sexy POV angle and when Missy is finally on the verge of excitement he allows her to get to work on his extremely large cock. The scene only gets better from here as Missy proceeds to give the cameraman an amazing blowjob (she really has talent in this department). She begins working on the massive cock as would a sex-deprived nympho. By this time in the video any spectator is in eager anticipation of what will come next, which I must add is spectacular. The cameraman places Missy back onto the stool in a missionary position and allows her to slide his massive cock into her tight, trimmed and now extremely wet pussy. Missy explodes with moans of pleasure and the fuck sequence and POV penetration is amazing. It proceeds into some P2M upon which Missy is back on the tall stool only this time with her luscious ass facing into the camera. This is probably my favorite fuck scene as Missy’s tight twat is pumped from behind by a giant dick. After fucking Missy in doggy she moves to sit on top of the cameraman’s large dick in cowgirl and we can see her entire body bouncing up and down in pure ecstasy as a large cock slides in and out her extremely moist pussy. The scene is brought to an end with a very nice POV pile-driver fuck which once again puts Missy’s immaculate ass right in our face (could it possibly get better?). Immediately following this scene Missy blows and strokes the large cock into a sweet facial scene where the camera man comes over her face, shoulder and breasts. It finishes up as Missy licks up the cum dripping from her face and poses for us a final time. Conclusion: This is a great scene with an extremely hot babe and a great 1on1 fuck session. The video has great penetration angles and Missy has one of the tightest bodies on the site. Despite her luscious ass there is no anal footage and the. Of course for those who love pussy Missy’s is certainly fucked hard and to her utmost content. However if you are a hardcore fan of anal, toys, huge tits, or rough treatment then this video may (though doubtfully) let you down. I give it a 9/10 and would highly recommend it to anyone!


I was so happy to see Missy Nicole on here, what a babe! She's in a neon orange bikini with a black mesh skirt and stripper shoes. The director turns her around and gropes her cute little ass. He pulls aside her panties and we get a nice POV shot of him fingering her pussy. He pulls those same fingers out and has MIssy suck and lick on them. After a bit more fingering and teasing Missy slides off her panties to show off a neatly shaved pussy, and then sits on a chair. She lifts her legs up in the air and starts double fingering her slit, this is extremely hot. The director then presents his huge cock, and Missy crouches down to start sucking. This is seriously great stuff, as she sucks and licks the shaft up and down, making great eye contact with the camera. Missy is wonderful, licking balls, stroking with two hands, she is a pro for sure. The POV shot is really well done here, and we see some no-hands head before Missy moves to the chair for some fucking. The cameraman slides that big cock right in her pussy, and we get a great POV shot of that little hole getting rammed by a huge tool. There are occasional shots of Missy's face too, which is sexy. He pulls his cock out and she gapes her pussy a bit, then he shoves it back in. He pulls the cock out again and gets her to suck it, again all done in POV. She climbs back on the chair for some doggie, and we get a great POV shot of her ass. After some more P2M, he lies down on the ground, cock erect, and Missy comes to sit on his cock in cowgirl. This is probably the best shot, as we get to see her cute tits and slender waist bouncing up and down on this big dick. She jumps off and sits on the ground to stroke and suck the cock some more after it's been deep in her twat. We then get a rare shot of POV piledriver! This is what I'm talking about, it's so hot! We get really closeup on the penetration, but you can also see Missy's face and her feet as she gets nailed! Missy is then on her knees, asking for cum, and stroking as if her life depended on it. She coaxes out a fantastic load onto her face and shoulder. Gobs of cum, just amazing! She stands up, shows off her body some more, and tastes some of the cum off her face with her finger. Great facial. Even though there was no anal or rough stuff, this was a top-notch scene, and the best one I've seen on this new site so far. Missy is a true superstar, and when paired with a huge dick, you know you're in for a treat. Fantastic: 9.5/10