Added January 29, 2008

Don't you just love it when your 20 year old maid forgot to put on her panties this morning? I finally got the change to fuck my maid and it was great. Check it out.

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Missy Nicole


Body Type skinny smooth skin Breasts perky small Butt bubble butt Clothes costume fully naked high heels Cumshot swallowing - single Ethnicity caucasian Eyes brown Face Type fashion model Fetish eye contact fingers in mouth Furniture chair sofa table Hair short Hair color dark Location living room outdoors Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Position cowgirl doggystyle regular missionary reverse cowgirl Pubic Hair trimmed Pussy/Labia meat curtains small Sex blowjob - single female orgasm fingering Skin tone medium Tease striptease

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Those eyes and Bj tease just blow your load already if you're not prepared :twisted:. Very, Very gorgeous face. With better costume (nothing particular in mind atm though) would be even better but that face is just to die for... I hope you come up with some better setting and more oral teasing in the future with her... and of course in TrueHD quality so you get the most out of the that fantastic face :) -fl


“Missy? Miss PurePOV!” Face: A Body: A+ Charm: A Sex: A (A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich) Missy Nicole’s first Pure POV outing has consistently stood up as one of my favorite POV clips this site has to offer. I was excited to see her up for another go in front of the camera. She delivers another stellar performance, this time in a cute (but definitely novelty … not authentic) maid’s outfit. I am actually a fan of the costume idea. Seeing the same girl in a variety of different outfits is appealing and adds to the fantasy of having sex with a variety of different women. Since POV is pretty much geared for a male raincoater audience, anything that bolsters this fantasy is welcome. However, novelty costumes are kinky but not that realistic. I would have preferred to see her in a REAL maid’s outfit to make the scene more believable. Sell the fantasy that I’m banging a real maid (a real hot maid). That would be interesting, and help add more distinctiveness to this POV site. Just as you see the same Hollywood actress in a variety of different roles that are believable due to performance, plot, and costume/setting variations that sell the fantasy of the story, so too should this site try to have its actresses have performances, setups and (in the case of my argument) believable costumes and settings to sell the POV fantasy of having sex with different types of girls. That said, Missy Nicole gives a sexy and involved performance. I would have like her to play the maid angle a little, but oh well. The lighting indoors was not as good as her first vid which was outdoors, but the video was shot with some impressive POV angles that highlighted her best features – mainly, her ass (30:00). This POV vid features traditional one-on-one vaginal with some oral thrown in here and there. For traditional fare, this is still a terrific clip. Recommended, but definitely check out her first POV scene too. -Scene Doc


Missy delivered a solid performance in her first PurePOV scene, so it's no surprise she's been invited back! She's outside in a pink maid's outfit with open-toed shoes. After some brief chatting, she turns over and shows off her ass, and surprise, she's wearing no panties. After a short tease, in which she shows off her shaved pussy and perky tits, she gets down to some cocksucking. She starts off with some light stroking while giving seductive looks to the camera. Kind of like a handjob POV. Very sexy. She starts off slow, licking the head of the cock, before putting it in her mouth and sucking him off. This is hot, as she mostly uses no hands head to orally please our hero. She gets onto the picnic table and rubs her clit a bit before getting on her back to let that cock slide right into her twat. After a bit of mish, he pulls out and Missy gets off the table to suck him off for some P2M. They move over to a lawn chair for absolutely fantastic doggie POV action. One look at that ass would make any guy blow his wad, I don't know how this stud lasts for so long with Missy looking back at him! The action switches inside, and after some cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, we get back to the great stuff with more doggie POV. Seeing that huge cock go into that tight pussy, with a nice view of her asshole, is just the definition of great porn. For the finish, MIssy has her mouth wide open as she strokes the cock furiously. She uses two hands, then as he's about to cum, stops stroking, and we see numerous spurts go right into her wet mouth. She shows off the cum, swallows, and opens wide to prove she drank it down. Wonderful. Another great scene, this girl is just splendid. One of my faves. Rating: 9/10


An unfortunate trend continues. In the recent updates for Pure POV, I have noticed some of the well-known and well-liked models in new videos with ridiculous outfits. I point to Sabrina Rose in the bunny outfit, Gilda in the broken fire fighter’s uniform, and Tina dressed as a witch. If you want to have variety make it a threesome, or give more screen time to whatever position or action that lends itself to each girl’s assets. These girls are stunningly beautiful in their own right, just to be overshadowed by distracting costumes. With that being said, I cannot complain about Missy’s latest performance. Her previous video was, and still is one of my favorites. She is easy on the eyes, has a stunning body, and has mind-blowing sexual skills. Even the nurse’s outfit couldn’t hide Missy’s hotness. At least I think she’s supposed to be a nurse. What I like most about Missy are her eyes. Even during the tease she looks like she can’t wait until the sex begins. She looks excited, eager, and in many ways dominant. In a slight break from the routine, Missy gives a handjob to get things started. You can really see what I mean by the expression on her face. Sure, it may be acting, but I’d give her an Oscar. Missy never seems to relinquish control over the scene. This is a pleasant change from other girls that seem to follow the ‘girl’ role in some videos. Throughout the brief blowjob scene and parts thereafter, Missy controls the tempo, rhythm, and intensity through her silent strength. She allows us to get inside her on a picnic table. This continues until we follow her through someone’s backyard for some more oral by the pool. We then get to do her doggy style on a deck chair. There seems to be some difficulty getting started, but this is quickly resolved by Missy, and we get back into rhythm. She has a perfectly shaped apple bottom. We follow her indoors where she finally gets out of those clothes. She leaves the headpiece on, but I don’t mind, since now I get to see the whole enchilada. She strokes us off while rubbing herself. The look in her eyes and on her face are very arousing, and a definitely one of Missy’s strengths. She hops on top and rides us cowgirl style. The camera takes a 45 degree angle that hurts my neck after a while. The way she moves while on top makes me think it is more likely she is fucking us rather than us fucking her. She rubs the cock on the outside lips of her pussy allowing no movement on the part of the actor. It seems she is taking the ball and running with it. My only regret about this part, as in may other cowgirl moments throughout this site, is the model never seems to lean forward, towards the camera. This would allow us to look down her body from a different angle. Missy flips around and we get some reverse cowgirl action. As mentioned before, her ass is just about perfect. She seems to slow down a bit during this part, but after a quick edit, it’s back up to full speed. Thankfully, this part lasts for quite a bit and smoothly transitions into another doggy scene, this time missy is at a steeper angle, showing off more of her ass. The actor finally gets a chance to participate. While doing his best, he cannot match Missy’s natural prowess. This part starts awkwardly and never seems to find the right tempo. Her ass and body carries the scene though, giving us a spectacular view for the duration. Missy takes the shot in her mouth after some hand to mouth negotiation. He is surprisingly reluctant to cum. One would think after all this he would have unloaded much more quickly, much more accidentally… or is that just me? Pros: Missy is a powerhouse. By far one of my faves. Cons: Sorry, that costume just gets in the way. More oral! My Score: 4 out of 5 - Civ