Added May 6, 2008

Viktoria is a skinny chick ready to fuck. She has an incredilbly small pussy that was amazing to fuck. I dropped my load on her face.

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Art & Addons tattoo Body Type skinny Breasts small Butt apple Clothes bikini fully naked high heels skirt Cumshot facial Ethnicity caucasian Eyes grey Face Type glamorous Fetish eye contact fingers in mouth Furniture carpet sofa Hair short Hair color brown Location living room Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Position doggystyle regular jockey missionary reverse cowgirl Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia medium Sex blowjob - single female orgasm fingering vaginal Skin tone light Tease butt flashing striptease

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Vanilla, but Viktori-ous Face: A Body: A natural Charm: A Sex: B+ (A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich) HIGHLIGHTS: tattoo, gorgeous bod Viktoria Dark is a beautiful 18 year old teen with a pretty face, perfectly natural body and a shapely ass. She has a noticeable but not unsightly tattoo in her right groin area, "Dark"-ly sexy but not distracting from her gorgeous teen skin. Actually, everything about her is gorgeous. Her eyes are playful and alluring, and her gaze penetrates through the lens of the camera. She puts on an enthusiastic performance for a newbye. Viktoria is hot and is definitely an "A"-Lister for the Perfect Gonzo sites This POV outing is standard fare for this site (which is usually top notch), featuring this smoking hot starlet-in-the-making. After about 10 minutes of escalating sexual tension with a nice striptease in a sexy pink mini-skirt and mutual masturbation shots, the nastiness begins. The sex featured here is "vanilla," i.e. your standard tease - masturbate - blowjob - vaginal sex in 3-4 standard positions (reverse/regular cowgirl, missionary, doggy) that is the usual playlist for most of the Pure POV vids. I would like to see the filmmakers stray from this formula more often. What is done on camera is done well, though, and seeing her body in action is worth the download. The cumshot is interesting, with her taking a load on her face while on her knees and the camera is tilted for added effect. Nice. I like how Viktoria kept her pink high boots on for the entire shoot, they add to the eye candy in the video. NOTE TO FILMMAKER: During her blowjob (14:30-17:30), try panning the camera slightly to the right- the blowjob would be in the bottom third of the frame and we could then see her ass while she bends over. I felt the way you shot it, you wasted some of the scenery. Hot girl. Hot POV sex. Recommended. -Scenedoc


Fresh, eighteen-year-old Viktoria is ready to show us her abilities. After about ten minutes of dancing around and stripping off her clothes we are left with Viktoria laying on the orange-carpeted floor with only her knee-high, pink boots left on. The lucky bastard gives her his cock to jerk. After a minute or two she scrambles to her knees. With her right hand she strokes his shaft as her mouth works on the tip. Like a good whore her eyes are constantly looking up at the master. He lies down the floor. Viktoria Hoovers his cock from his right. Her hand squeezes his pole. She makes sure his balls gets some loving also. I wish she would let got with her hand at least once and show us if she can consume the whole thing. Viktoria mounts his pillar as she faces him. Her pussy shimmies up and down his sausage. She jumps off and suck some more dick, after which she remounts him. This time kneeling between his legs; she slurps on his meat again. Viktoria climbs back onboard, but this time with her back to him. Either his cock is huge or her pussy is super tight, because from the back shot it looks like it barely fits. Viktoria lies on a round footstool as he plows her cunt. Her eighteen-year-old pussy looks scrumptious as it compresses tightly around his dick. After several minutes Viktoria gets back on the floor on her hands and knees. Are fortunate warrior fucks her doggy-style. Viktoria squats before her cum-bearing stud. Her right strokes his meat, her lips slide back and forth over it, and her eyes look up at him. This bitch wants his protein. He snatches his cock back from her. Viktoria’s eyes are locked upward, awaiting his load. He squeezes his cum out onto the bridge of her nose. It slithers down both sides. She looks like she is wearing a breath-right strip. Some of his jizz gets into her mouth. The teenage whore looks great wearing his cum and letting a small amount of semen ooze out of her mouth. Viktoria is a nice looking piece of fresh meat. If I have one suggested, send her over the guys at “Cum For Cover”. She needs to practice her deep-throating and face-fucking.