Added June 25, 2007

I always had a thing for Asian babes, but Sabrina made me worship them. This 5"5 hottie has a beautiful set of C-cup breasts and a perfectly round ass. I had her dress up in a skimpy military outfit and blow my horn with her talented mouth. Then we were off to drilling her pussy every which way, I loved the way she knew to ride my dick it was incredible. She jerked my dick until I spewed my load all over her face. Enjoy :)

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Sabrina Rose


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I'd like to see Eva and Sabrina fucked at the same time. This would probably make for the best movie I've ever seen since I was a member of Primecups and saw Laura and Jane take cocks by the pool. Eva and Sabrina's complexion go together, and it would be a great video to see them blowing two guys while getting fucked in the missionary position.


Sabrina – Critical Mass! It was difficult for me to find fault with this particular scene. Sabrina is built like every man’s fantasy: curvy and bouncy in all the right places. She has an innocent look in her eyes, yet an enthusiasm in her skill that makes it difficult to make it through the entire scene in one piece. This scene starts as many others have in the POV genre. Immediately, you know this is not going to be your typical scene. This is the type of action that sells memberships. Almost from the moment you witness her in action you realize she is destined for fame. The peak of the action comes about a third of the way through the scene when Sabrina takes over. She hops up on top and dominates you, even through your monitor. She fills the screen with an up and down rollercoaster of bouncing enthusiasm. She goes through other positions we are used to with equal ferociousness. It appears at times that the actor teamed up with Sabrina is reduced to abandoning the power role and, frankly, holding on for dear life. He deserves a medal for making it through this, and then that medal needs to be taken away for being a lucky enough bastard to get to make this scene with her. Rating this scene was not easy. I find myself asking, at what point do we accept a great scene for what it’s worth? Could this scene have been made better if Sabrina was truly unleashed upon the screen? It’s difficult to imagine asking for anything more out of this one, except for it to be a longer scene. Pros: Couldn’t ask for anything more. Cons: Let me see it a few dozen more times and get back with you. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Sabrina is sitting on a bench, wearing a very tight green two piece outfit and sexy as hell black patent toed shoes. In no time at all, the director has her standing up and pulling her bottoms off to show off a nice shaved twat. He starts fingering her while she rubs her clit, and makes her taste her cunt juice. She then sits on the bench, legs wide apart, and he makes her finger herself, very sexy stuff. We get some great shots here of Sabrina rubbing her clit, and we can see her face contorting in obvious ecstasy. We then move indoors, and Sabrina's in doggie showing off her nice ass. The director oils up her ass, and rubs and bangs it. After crawling around with that butt in the air, Sabrina starts sucking our hero's big cock. We get great POV shots here, especially of no-hands head and ball licking. She really sucks and strokes this huge cock with expertise. She stands up and takes off her top before resuming the blowjob, this time with the director lying down. After a brief titfuck, Sabrina gets on top in cowgirl and starts riding him in vaginal. After some intense fucking, she hops off and sucks his dick for some P2M. After an orgasm, we get a creative and very sexy shot: we see the director stroking his dick in the foreground, while in the background Sabrina is rubbing herself and moving sexily, showing off her pussy and ass. If she was in front of me doing that, I'd be stroking off too! She comes over and sits down on his cock for some reverse cowgirl vag. Then there's a great view of this blonde slut licking his perineum and balls, and stroking his dick. After some more titfucking, we get the best position of the scene, doggie. Always nice to see a huge cock impaling a tight pussy, and we get a great view of Sabrina's tight butthole as well. He pulls out, and for the finish, we see Sabrina jerking off our stud until he blows a very good load all over her lips and cheeks. She stands up to show off the mess he made, and tastes some of the cum with her finger. Very hot scene, this is the guy to use in the POV scenes, he has a big cock and knows how to use it! Sabrina is sexy, with her huge tits and great attitude. All in all a solid scene. Rating: 8.5/10