Regina Ice

Added March 18, 2008

After the F1 race I found Regina Ice who needed some cock. She sucked my dick and let me fuck her pretty pussy. I blew my load all over her face.

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Regina Ice


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Regina la beauté d'un ange avec le feu au cul


Regina is a horny looking brunette with features to die for. Eyes, lips, ass and legs are all top notch!! And to top that she has a look in her eyes that will make you a 100% guaranteed satisfied. In the first minutes she’s inspected by the camera from every angle. Then she undresses and the guy in the movie sticks his fingers in both holes. She puts her lips around his cock and gives him (and you) horny looks while she enjoys the sucking. What follows is some heavy from behind action. A bit to short to my taste but it is followed by some more fucking and then some cock riding. Luckily for me they change positions again. The parts when she is fucked from behind are great with her ass going up and down rapidly. The scene finishes with the guy delivering on her face. I would like to see Regina feature in more scenes :D Overall rating 9 out of 10


We find 21-year-old Regina in a hot-pink, two-piece racing costume. This hot bitch can be on my pit crew any time; the site of her gets my motor revving. For over twelve minutes Regina shows us her assets and gives us a look under the hood as she removes her costume. At long last our stud reclines on the couch with his cock at the ready as Regina slithers up to it and wraps her lush lips around it. Her mouth and hand work their magic on his skin flute. Her eyes are spine-tingling as she looks deep into the camera with his meat filling her mouth. Being a well-rounded cunt her lips and tongue make love to his balls while her left hand strokes his cock. Our lucky stud stands up in front the sofa. On her hands and knees with her head turned to her left she continues her cocksucking. Occasionally peer up at us, wow. Regina pivots to her right. As she leans towards the back of the sofa he pilots his dick into her pussy. Slowly in and out he churns. After a while she lets out some blood curdling screams as the pace quickens. Regina turns around. Resting on her knees on the sofa, she clutches his cock once more, and slurps away. The camera is right in her face, giving us an awesome view. Regina moves off the couch, and squats on the floor. Her lips remain locked firmly around his piston. He sits back on a big, black leather chair. Like a good girl she kneels before. Her hand and mouth play his instrument like a pro. Regina must have been an A-student in high school in Cocksucking 101. She stands up and turns her back to him. Reaching down and gripping his pillar she guides into her cunt as Regina sits down on it. Her pussy lips Hoover his shaft as she slowly rides up and down it. After a minute or so, Regina begins to bounce up and down faster. Regina leans forward, using a foot stool for support, as he stands behind her. His cock once more pierces her pussy from behind. His dick glides in and out at a slow, steady rate. Regina looks back at him over her left side. Regina mounts his stiff shaft as he lies on the floor. We get a nice frontal view of her pussy and bouncing tits. Regina adds a back and forth motion to the action also with her hips. This girl is a good performer. She dismounts for a few seconds, just long enough to turn around and remount him reverse cowgirl. After a long ride she hops off to give him some last minute cocksucking. It is now time for victory lane. Our driver straddles the hot trophy girl stroking his cock. The first two shots shoot up the right side of her face decorating her cheek and the corner of her eye. Some of his jizz falls onto her lips and waiting tongue. A few more shots sail up her right, striking her eyebrow and forehead. Some even goes into her brown hair. Some cum falls to her left cheek also. Regina presses her lips together banging some more dick-juice out from her mouth. It is not a monster facial, but a great way to celebabee her excellent work. Regina is a very attractive girl. Best of all she has a fresh appeal to her. She is a great entertainer, and has natural, warm sexuality to her. A very nice scene.


I loved Regina's GiveMePink video because of her hot face and lovely body. You should download that video as well. But i'm reviewing this one now 8). One bad thing about the GiveMePink movie was that it didn't have a real dick for her to get fucked by. Well, that is no longer the case. She sucks and fucks his dick and i loved it. The way she shows and fingers her pussy, and rides his dick in doggy style is great and how he blows his load all over her face. Now, if only they could get her to do anal and swallow a bit it would be perfect! **** rating from me.


DETAILS: Regina is fuckin' beautiful. No foolin'. She has a great set of pouty lips, perfectly shaped tits, and a pair of legs that won't quit. She has a quality about her that is just breathtaking, and her little pink racing suit just brings those qualities out all the more. The director spends some time assisting her in stripping out of her outfit, and giving her a few slaps on the ass at the same time. He bends her over a couch, and gets her on her hands and knees while he gropes her and feels her up. Lucky bastard. Once she's relieved of those pesky clothes, the director tests her pussy out with his fingers, and then she leans over to test his cock out in her mouth. Naturally, it isn't long before he's got her bent over the couch and he's fucking her from behind. This is really cool, as most of the fucking is slow and deliberate, with some nice interjections of hard thrusts and genuinely pleasurable looking sex. it's a really nice change from the speed-racer style sex you see so often demonstrated on TamedTeens, for example. Anyway, after several minutes of this, Regina finally lays down and takes a nice facial from her man, looking just as beautiful as ever. SUMMARY: I really liked this scene. Regina is gorgeous, and she's got a quality that really resonates with me. Moreover, the sex in this scene actually looks like it feels good! And it's nice to see a cock slip inside a tight pussy in a way that looks like both people actually felt it, rather than just a blur of flesh as if you're watching a sports game. I enjoyed this one, and those who are looking for a slower pace might enjoy it as well. MLyons