Added February 5, 2008

I wish more cops were as nice as this one. I got off with a warning after pounding her sweet little pussy and giving her a load to swallow.

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Body Type skinny Breasts small Butt apple Clothes costume fully naked high heels skirt Cumshot swallowing - single Ethnicity caucasian Eyes brown Face Type slutty Fetish eye contact fingers in mouth Furniture carpet chair lounger sofa Hair short Hair color dark Location living room Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Position cowgirl doggystyle regular missionary reverse cowgirl Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia small Sex blowjob - single female orgasm fingering vaginal Skin tone medium Tease striptease

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“Ten Minutes of Tushie Heaven" Face: A Body: A+ Charm: B Sex: B+ HIGHLIGHTS: Her fantastic ass is featured in 10 minutes of reverse cowgirl and doggy. (A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich) Queenie is a ripe 21 year old brunette from Hungary with a beautiful face, lean and toned natural body, and a fantastic bubbly ass. Her ass is amazingly round and curvy, and the sight of it makes you just want to reach into your screen and give it a squeeze. I suspect her English is poor, because she speaks very little, but she makes great eye contact and engages the camera well. Despite having standard, "vanilla" positions we have grown accustomed to (blow job, vaginal, and no anal), her POV scene here showcases her best asset - her amazing butt - for 10 solid minutes and is nothing short of spectacular. The director takes it nice and slow, and spends ample time showing off her body in a variety of positions. After some tease in a kinky police (?) outfit both outdoors and indoors with intermitent slow and steady blow jobs, she begins to strip. Check out 09:09, when she uncovers her glorious booty for all to behold. We get a nice close up shot of pussy penetration at 11:40. We get a full view of her body at 14:10, when she has us on our back and moves from an attentive blow job , mounts us, and we get to see her natural perky tits, her hard six pack abs, and her beautiful shaved pussy all in one continuous shot while she rides cowgirl. Great job with the POV directing! What follows, from 19:55 onwards for the next 10 solid minutes, is nothing short of a godsend to those fans out there who love to beat off to hot asses. She switches from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl and we see a couple of penetrations as she slides down onto the thick pole waiting for her below (the first attempt the camera was in an awkward position, and the performer/director/cameraman has the presence and foresight to have her pull off and then he repenetrates her at a better angle). Her beautiful ass from behind is mesmerizing as he slides in and out of her vagina, and Queenie does a good job of maintaining her thrusts wall looking back at the camera and making eye contact with us. Hot! About a few minutes into it the male performer places his hands (first one, then two), and seeing him/us grab her beautiful bubbly ass while she rides reverse cowgirl is AMAZING (jump to 25:00 and see what I am talking about). At 26:38 we switch to doggystyle for the last 3 minutes or so, and my major complaint here is that they skip the penetration shot (poor form!). At 27:12 we see her complete body from doggystyle and it is a sight to behold. She ends the scene taking a hot load in her mouth that dribbles down her chin. If you like tight, beautiful, natural brunettes and have an ass fixation, you should definitely check Queenie out. This POV scene really does a great job of showcasing her ass in reverse cowgirl and doggystyle for 10 glorious minutes. Some negative points for some skipped penetration shots, and plain "vanilla" sex (no anal), but as a whole I thoroughly enjoyed this flick and it has become one of my favorites. I hope Perfect Gonzo shoots her for Ass Traffic soon!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. -scenedoc


SUMMARY: This is a good scene--a little understated in comparison to some of the other slap-happy outtings you'll find on the other sites. I find that refreshing, even if that means that the action is a little less adventurous and a little more predictable as well. Queenie looks quite good. I wished she'd kept some of her outfit on during the sex, but is a nonetheless well-shot and enjoyable POV scene. DETAILS: Queenie is very cute. She has a nice face, a fantastic set of petite breasts and a cute little outty for a belly-button. She also looks fetching in her skimpy cop outfit with her stubby nightstick. She shows off her luscious body and slowly strips out of her outfit. The director plays with her tits and ass a bit in the process. After a quick blowjob, she eventually ends up completely naked (save the heels of course), which is a bit of shame because it would have been fun to see her get fucked in that ruffly black mini-skirt. She gets on a couch and masturbates herself for a little while before the director rejoins her with gusto. He slips his dick inside her and they go for it in the usual catalog of POV positions. Queenie looks especially good in her slow cowgirl fuck that's decidedly NOT rife with al lthe spitting and slapping antics that seem to be so overused on the other PerfectGonzo sites. She finally jerks the load into her mouth and looks up at the camera with her beautiful green eyes before swallowing it. MLyons


Queenie is a dark haired vixen dressed up as a police woman. She starts outside touching herself and also get touched by the guy. After the touching she starts with the action you are waiting for: a nice blowjob. In good POV style she looks you in the eye while doing so. Excellent! After she undresses the guy penetrates her in the missionary position. After a while she starts to suck him again an then begins to ride him. She swings her hips real good in this part of the movie. After turning around she lets you look at her great ass while she pounds his cock real hard…The scene finishes with some more sucking before he cums all over her.. Overall rating 8 out of 10.