Added June 10, 2007

I had this thing for girl scouts and I found this awesome outfit in a catalogue the other day. I ordered it and kept it in the box for a while until I found a model that would be perfect to play that fantasy of mine. Karina turned out to fit the bill: cute angelinc face, beautiful blonde curly hair giving her that innocent look and of course a nice tight body. I had a blast fucking this girl's mouth and pink pussy and then giving her a facial! :)

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Syndy Love


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FAST FACTS: Charm: A Looks/Body: B+ Sex: A- HIGHLIGHTS: Tattoo, Squirting, Scouting outfit, Eastern European accent [KEY: “A” I’m going to explode, “B” Surefire stiffy, “C” Hey, at least it’s sex, “D” Time for a sandwich] Let me begin this review – my first review here – by disclosing that I am a huge fan of the POV genre. “POV” may seem like a simple premise, but great POV scenes have requirements that need to be met in order to fully transport the viewer into the scene. They need to have hot girls (duh), good chemistry between the performers (which explodes on the screen as hot sex), and most importantly good directing and use of camera angles. If the camera is fixed on a close-up for too long (i.e. a closeup of penetration), the viewer can lose the erotic view that teased him and built things up from the beginning. We want to see a closeup of the sucking, the licking, the cock sliding into pussy and ass, but we also want to be constantly aware (through judicious use of camera angles) of the “peripheral vision” that turned us on in the first place – the starlet’s naked body, her bending over, her costume either on her or on the floor, etc. While a little slut is sucking “my” dick, I want to see her ass –and I want to see the camera slide up and down her body!!! Ok : ) I think I made my point. And now for Karina… Well, she says her name is Michelle but she’s credited on the site as Karina. I’m going to ignore that for now and just refer to her as Karina. This girl may not have the prettiest face, but she is young (20) with a mischievous smile, she’s from the Czech Republic (hot accent) and she has a rocking tight body that all make up for it. She begins the scene in a sexy barely legal scouting uniform. Her interview/tease is generous at about 9 minutes and she is very giving and playful throughout, and by the end you want to experience every ounce of her. (10:33) After some playful stroking Karina slowly begins to tease the cock with her mouth, and this develops into a very nice sequence where she blows on her knees for a few minutes, strips off all her clothes, and then gets on all fours and goes to town while almost never breaking eye contact. It was a great moment, but I would have liked the camera to pan across her body to her cute butt while she was on all fours, and maybe also have her turned in a way where I could see both her lips sliding up and down the cock while her ass was in our face. (16:22) Karina sits down in reverse cowgirl while turning and looking at the camera. We get a great shot of her “tramp stamp.” (20:22) She turns around and sits/squats above and we get a great shot of her tits bouncing above her tight stomach and her shaven pussy. (22:00) Unexpectedly and much to our delight she lets forth a gusher of a squirt. You can actually hear the male pornstar in the background say “I never saw this in my life.” Very hot, very impressive. (24:15) She slides off the cock and returns to blowing for a minute (she loves to blow throughout the movie) before moving from the floor to the couch and being fucked on her back. (30:45) Karina obeys when she’s told to go into doggie, and while she’s being pounded the camera does a god job of moving back and forth from her spread ass cheeks to her back and face. Toward the end of the scene she tries to masturbate and recreate another gusher but alas, her well has run dry after 30 minutes of hardcore fucking. (37:15) Here cums the conclusion, and no evidence is left behind. In closing, I’m surprised at the consistent technical quality and the appealing style that goes into making the videos on this site – they are hot. I would have liked the girl's name on the web page match up with her name in the video but after all that hot sex, who the fuck cares. I hope these guys will branch out into shooting more fixationes and scripted scenarios in glorious POV, they could really push the envelope with this site. I think we have something here :) Til next time, Scene Doc (a.k.a. jarisb)