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I've always had a obession for girls with chimpmunk cheeks. Jess is a perfect example. I pounded her pussy and fingered her tight little ass. I ejaculated all over her face.

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Budapest gives us auburn-haired Jessica to play with. After a little bit of tease play outside he takes her inside a covered area. Kneeling on the carpeted floor in her two-piece bikini our good girl starts her oral work on our cameraman. Slow and steady Jessica’s hand and mouth works his shaft as her radiant eyes beam up at us. With his left hand he grips the back of her neck. Jessica uses both hands to stroke his cock and her lips pass over the first quarter of it. Jessica lies down on the round, wooden table. He pulls the front of her bikini bottom tight as it pushes between her cunt lips. With a couple fingers her probes her puss. Finally he shoves his dick into it. After several minutes of pounding he has Jessica roll over onto her left side as he continues his pussy fucking. Jessica completely removes her bikini. She leans over the table. Our fortune stud fucks her doggy. We great views of her pussy, with his dick in and out of it. His thumb probes her asshole as he works his cock in and out of her cunt. Jessica even fingers her shithole as he plows her pussy. Our stud relaxes on the table. Jessica kneels down between his legs and hunkers down on his dick. Her right hand and mouth sweep over it. With his right hand on her head he makes clear to Jessica she better not leave her cocksucking duites. She slides forward and wiggles his dick into her pussy with her hand. Jessica firmly plants her feet below her. She slowly glides up and down his pole. We get a super view of her nice body. After a few minutes Jessica makes a half turn on his cock. Using her hands on his legs she supports herself as she slides up and down his shaft. He thumbs her asshole as she rhythmically moves up and down. He even adds some upward hip bursts to pound her perfumed pussy. Jessica kneels on the carpeted floor one last time. Her mouth caresses his nuts as he strokes his shaft above her. He angles his cock down as she moves her head back. With eyes looking upward and tongue extended Jessica waits. His first two bursts hit between her nose and lips. Jizz also flys up both sides of her nose. Some strikes her cheek. With eyes still locked in on the lens she takes his dick into her mouth. Jessica’s face proudly displays a white mustache. The combination of her sweet face and cum make a super picture. It was a scene well worth my time!


SUMMARY: This isn't the most energetic or extreme scene out there, but Jessica certainly has a way about her. She's got a nice body and a cool way of expressing herself while she fucks. She's well presented here in the normal variety of positions and the facial and the end is excellent. DETAILS: Jessica has a nice, if a tiny bit chunky body, and she has a pretty smile. Her boobs are sizeable and she's wearing a white bikini with a sort of black, fishnet tube dress over top of it. I kinda like the way she looks, and her brown eyes are defenitely one of her more striking features. She starts outside in the grass, where the director plays with her breasts and pussy under her bikini. She teaters on her heels in the grass and it isn't long before she makes her way inside so she can suck his dick. Those brown eyes I mentioned are used to great effect here while Jessica sucks cock and looks with intensity up into the camera. When the fucking begins, Jessica looks especially yummy in the missionary position, her breasts hanging out of her top and her pussy covering pushed aside to make way for the director's dick while she fingers herself. There's also something to be said for the way she looks getting fucked doggie style while the director fingers her ass. It's all nice, and Jessica takes it with a sort of passive responsiveness that is actually rather believable. For the closer, Jessica takes a very nice facial. MLyons