Added October 23, 2007

When I saw Jeny I was in love with her tight body. This sporty little thing just came from the gym and was horny as hell. I fucked her tight pussy and gave her a load to swallow.

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Jeny Baby


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Jeny gets introduced outside while she poses in front of and nice Mercedes. Her nice ass gets full attention thanks to the nice high heels she is wearing. Then the action starts with a gently performed blowjob. Her legs get spread on the car when she gets her first visit of the guy's cock. Her moaning is genuine and a great turn on! Then they move inside and it starts all over again with some fucking from behind. It is shame that you don’t see Jeny’s face in this part because it really would add to the excitement. She gets up and start to ride him and suck him. After that she spreads her nice legs once more for him so he can release his goods. Overall Rating 8 out of 10


“Nice sex, you have to learn to fuck in the ass, but otherwise perfect!” Face: B+ Body: A + Charm: B+ Sex: A- (don't edit out the penetration !!!) (A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich) Jeny is a cute brunette with a nice smile, beautiful long lustrous hair, and (as the camera man says in the beginning of the vid) has a PERFECT body: tight, just the right amount of muscular tone, with smooth creamy skin, nice sized titties, a shaved beaver, and a belly button ring. Jeny says she is a 19 year old dancer, and from her moves in this vid I can safely say she’s probably not a ballet dancer :) She is playful with the cameraman and maintains an energetic performance. When she bends over and shows us her tight asshole and pussy opening, it really doesn’t get any better than that. PERFECT. Her tease scene shows off her body for the first 7 minutes as they prance around the yard of the mansion they film at. We see a lot of her bending over to show off her best ass-ets. At 7:04 the cameraman pulls out his dick and slaps her ass, and she then squats down and begins to suck him off as they stand in front of a very sweet vintage Benz in the garage. The car gets some loving when at 11:40 they cut to a shot of her laying on the hood on her back and getting banged on it with her legs spread up in the air. The scene cut bypassed the penetration shot … why omit one of the best parts? (bad editing choice) But the view of her entire naked front, with her beautiful tits, tight abs and shaved pussy all in direct view as she has a cock sliding in and out of her pussy – well it’s pretty great. At 14:45 Jeny and the cameraman walk indoors, and I like how Jeny keeps her hot pink tank top raised above her tits … it adds some color and spice to the shot, along with her belly button ring. Jeny then lays on the couch in her back and … wait for it … we get to see penetration, finally, although there is a cut directly afterwards to some more frantic fucking (difficulty getting things going, I’m imagining). Jeny gets into getting fucked, but she doesn’t do much more than moan and groan. I would have liked to hear some more dirty talk. Maybe the cameraman could have coaxed more out of her, but I guess he was somewhat distracted by, you know, having a hottie on his cock. At 21:55 we get a great doggie penetration shot. This girl, again, has the most amazing tight ass and midsection, and to see her bent over in doggie in POV is pretty much as good as it gets. Her nails are painted in a freaky design, and when she grabs her ass cheek and spreads her ass for our view you get a chance to see them. The doggie paortion was clearly my favorite part of this vid. At 26:49 they directly cut to a shot of her riding on top. We miss the penetration scene again :( and when the cameraman readjusts his cock for another penetration the camera drifts upwards and we lose the shot :( She intermittently blows him and rides him on top, and at 21:45 she raises her arms above her head in pure joy … clearly the nicest shot in this sequence. At 36:00 we get a close-up of vag penetration (36:26) while she is on her back with her legs up – nice point of view where we see her tits bounce freely. At 37:40 she takes a load in her mouth and swallows as sme cum dribbles down her chin. Hot girl. Nice vid. The cameraman sums it up nicely at the end: “Nice sex, you have to learn to fuck in the ass, but otherwise perfect!” This vid is worth a download, and my only points of criticism were the sloppy editing cuts that lost some great penetration moments. -Scene Doc


Jeny is a cute little thing with a pretty smile and a petite but well muscled body. She's in a hot pink two piece and accompanying thong underneath. She also has a cool dangly navel piercing, one of those little touches that have grown on me over the years. I don't know why; I try not to analyze these things. After showing off her clothes and legs a little, poor Jeny almost trips on her heels as she walks down an uneven concrete driveway and stops at a Mercedes Benz. She uses the car as if she were in a hot-rod calendar and strips out of her clothes while bending over its hood. Before long, her skimpy clothes end up strewn around the car and little Jeny is getting fucked. They move indoors to a more comfortable setting, and the teasing, sucking and fucking continue. Jeny runs through the normal catalogue of positions: missionary, doggy, cowgirl, a vaginal pile-driver and naturally, some pussy to mouth. The money shot is a squirt into Jeny's mouth, which she wastes no time in swallowing. This is a good scene. Jeny is pretty and amenable to the action, and she has a cute smile which she's not afraid to show off. It's not the most creative or exciting sex I've ever seen, but it certianly fulfills the role of eye-candy for those who like some beautifully shot POV work and aren't hung up on seeing anal. All told, this is pretty much par for the course for the sites, which is to say, outstanding work by most standards. MLyons