Jasmine R

Added April 1, 2008

Don't you just love it when your maid service brings you a hot young big titted chick to clean your place? I certainly do. I fucked her pussy AND ass.

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Jasmine Rouge


Body Type skinny Breasts medium round Butt bubble butt Clothes costume fully naked skirt Cumshot swallowing - single Ethnicity caucasian Eyes blue grey Face Type next-door slutty Fetish ass to mouth eye contact fingers in mouth Furniture chair lounger sofa Hair short Hair color blonde Location living room Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Position cowgirl doggystyle regular jockey missionary reverse cowgirl Pubic Hair trimmed Pussy/Labia meat curtains small Sex anal blowjob - single female orgasm fingering Skin tone light tan-lines Tease flirting striptease

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I'm not a big fan of scenes that focus completely on POV (A few minutes of it is okay), but Jasmine was my favorite model at the time, and I had to watch every scene of her, and this one is a masterpiece. She's really beautiful, with her blonde hair, and perfect make up, she's just too cute. The sex in this scene is alright, but what I really liked are the blowjob parts, she's always looking at the camera, and she's always enjoying sucking, and licking the dick, I also love the sounds that she makes while doing it. Now, if I'm going to have a dick at the bottom of the screen during the whole scene at least let it be a nice looking dick, and the movie delivers this demand. The dick looks delicious, with a pink head just waiting to be sucked. At the end, the guys releases a white load of creamy sperm that Jasmine swallows happily.


For me this one of if not the best scene on all the websites . Jasmine is beautiful , the scene is shot well and the end is how all endings should be with a thick white ending in the mouth and swallowed !



I have to agree with scenedoc about this movie. It has all the ingredients of a successful POV movie. The super sexy Jasmine in a maid outfit (something we males ALL fantasize about!), in a posh setting being 'sexed' by an anonymous stiff dick... which is great because we've all been voicing our concerns about the gross commentary of PerfectGonzo camebangrsons lately. One things I enjoy about Jasmine and her movies are her moans and facial expressions. Now I like the girl to get into it more than the next avid porn viewer but every so often you get models who forget they're being filmed and you have all sorts of repelling expressions and gasps. Jasmine, like all the best of them (Sandy, Karma, Peaches etc) never forgets, NEVER that she is being filmed and she is performingo for our entertainment and sexual appetites. Her moans, in varying degrees throughout the movie are alone worht jacking off to. Her face as she climax over and over are beautiful and worthy of Marquis de Sade's 'le petite morte' seal of approval. Another thing you have to enjoy, and this is what really got me revved up, is the scene where she rides you (POV) with her pantied hitched up to her thighs. This is what good porn is all about: naughty positions, teasing, and sexy clothes... STILL ON during the sex! :wink: The final scene when she has our wad in her mouth and she sloshes it around really attests to the high level o f quality Jasmine has in her work. Again, any other model doing this would be down right repulsive, not to mention penis shriveling! But Jasmine makes it look sexy, even after the punchline. :oops: - Not that you care, but I've been sparse these past few months on the review pages. It was my silent protest toward the selection of movies that have been shot as of late. With the start of FistFlush and a range of diverse movies coming out with different models in different settings and outfits, hopefulyl oyu'll be seeing more reviews from this pornphreek in the days ahead. :P


This is the BEST Anal POV video on this site Face: A+ Body: A+ Charm: A+ Sex A+ (A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich) HIGHLIGHTS: Anal POV, ATM, sexy maid outfit, Jasmine Rouge What do you get when you combine an ULTRA -hot blonde pornstar, a sexy (and not over-the-top) maid costume, a fixed stationary cameraman (from 12:40 through 23:00) that remains silent while he films in POV, a camera that runs in real time with no penetrations spliced out, a high def picture, and an assortment of naughty sex acts like anal and ass-to-mouth? Quite simply ...ONE OF THE BEST POV VIDEOS I've downloaded off the web!!! My favorite moments? The closeup vaginal shot at 13:50, the reverse cowgirl anal action (i.e. 20:20) with multiple penetrations highlighting Jasmine's perfect ass (which is framed perfectly below by her black panties), and the on-her-knees ATM at 21:00. I could go on and on. Seeing is believing. Jasmine Rouge is one of the hottest blondes on the web. And this video achieves POV bliss ... you feel you are there. An instant classic. Highly, highly recommended. -Scenedoc


I would be remiss if I didn't thank the directors for letting the girls lean forward during cowgirl. I want to see bouncing tits! I have criticized scenes before about this same subject. The past few Pure POV scenes have corrected this issue to some degree, showing the jiggle effect for a few great seconds. Keep them comming guys! Thanks, Civ


Jasmine is one of the finest blondes around! Only watching her walk around in her maid outfit is reason enough to watch this scene. She takes place on the couch and rubs her hands over her well shaved pussy. Then the guy gets what we all want: a blowjob from Jasmine. While sucking she’s looking at him with her sensually green eyes and horny look. While in the missionary position she helps herself with her fingers. This is some really great POV action. I am not a big fan of ass-action so the second part is not that great to my taste but I am sure there are other guys out there that will enjoy his part After a while she puts his cock in her mouth again and he shoots his cum right in her mouth. Overall rating 7 out of 10


Jasmine Rouge is a 23 year old Romanian starlet whom I consider to be one of the prettiest girls in porn, and surely one of the very top tier of hardcore performers in term of looks. She is also no stranger to fans of Perfect Gonzo, being tied with Simony Diamond as the most prolific performers on the Perfect Gonzo network, with 10 movies under their belts. The only sites in the network without her are Tamed Teens and MILF Thing. As I have not seen her in any rough sex movies, Tamed Teens is probably not her bag, and she is way too young to appear in MILF Thing. Ms. Rouge (is that a wedding band on her left ring finger?!) is also rated as 7th out of all the models in the model index, though I have no idea who voted Laura Lion, Lucy, and Jessica Moor ahead of her. Can anyone have a better fantasy than having Jasmine Rouge as their housekeeper? She looks delectable in her French maid outfit. She lies on the couch, pulls her panties aside to expose her cooter, and then rubs herself to climax. Then she starts sucking and stroking on our POV cock while looking directly into the camera. She is slow and sensual with the blow job and all the while we can see her magnificent eyes looking seemingly right at us, and she does her best to fit the entire length of the schlong down her throat. As MLyons says, her eyes are hypnotic, and her sucking cock is a beautiful thing. Then she lies back and takes the cock in her sweet pussy. She strokes the cock for a while, then uses her duster, before she lowers her ass on the shaft. We get some reverse cowgirl anal with a couple of dismounts for some ass-to-mouth before she turns around, spreads her cheeks for us and rides reverse cowgirl. From here we get some doggy, then some doggy anal before she takes the cock from her ass and strokes a load into her mouth then swallows. She then bends over continuing to clean! I am not sold on these POV movies in general because the male talent tends to be the cameraman as well, so the action can be very static. The guy basically has to lay there holding the camera while maintaining a hard-on, so he can't be too active without shaking the camera around. Ultimately this typically makes the scene have far less energy and the viewing angle is too constant. Also, I never am able to achieve the perception that this is actually me having sex with the girl, being the raison d'etre of a POV scene. However, I found this scene to be quite hot, mostly because of Jasmine. She is remarkably pretty, does a good job of sucking cock. I do applaud her in the anal portion of the scene, but I suspect this is something she does not do all that much. Even though she has done many anal scenes, I have yet to see her really take a cock balls deep in her back door with much energy. But, she looks magnificent and thus this is a very strokable scene. Rating 3/5 (just because POV scenes are not really my thing)


SUMMARY: Does Jasmine still got it? Fuck yes! The archives of perfect gonzo are blessedly filled with evidence of Jasmine's talents, and this scene is no exception. Her cocksucking session early on is enough to prove that Jasmine is still one of the sexiest bitches in all the land. There is some fantastic, low key, but totally engaging footage here. From Jasmine's mouth to her pussy, to her tight, cock-squeezing ass, she offers us another fantastic scene to take its place among her other barn-burners. DETAILS: Jasmine starts off in a maid's outfit, dutifully doing a little cleaning here and there. She's as sexy as ever, and is even more so when she lays back on the couch and starts masturbating her cunt as if she's been ordered to by her employer. Oh--wait... :) The director accepts her invitation and she stretches her panties aside while he slips his dick inside her. It gets even better when the highlight of the scene shows us how Jasmine can suck a cock better than 90% of the other porn-stars out there. Wow, my friends. Just wow. Her eyes are hypnotic, and she sucks cock as if it actually tastes good. It's a beautiful thing. The fucking continues, and it isn't long before Jasmine's ass gets plugged just as her pussy did before. She gets worked in the backdoor via the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions, and eventually, she juices that cock with her fist and mouth until she extracts a nice, thick load of sperm for her to swallow.