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I found Ildiko on a ranch brushing her horse. I really wanted to fuck her. She sucked my dick and then I fucked her tight pussy. I blew my load all over her face.

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OMG , those Vampire Eyes !!!


21-year-old Ildiko is a knockout in a pink cowboy hat, blue-denim top and skirt. The Budapest beauty shows the camera her red-and-white, country-bumpkin panties covering her nice ass. This blonde is a jaw-dropper guys. The cameraman loosens the tie on her denim skirt, and tugs it down a bit to reveal Ildiko’s pussy. She also slowly pushes her top down to let her gorgeous breasts out. Ildiko has an innocent face, reminiscent of a country girl at the county fair. Ildiko removes her skirt and panty, and turns her but to the camera. The cameraman can’t wait to finger her perfect pussy. Soon he steps back, and lets her do her own probing. Ildiko drops to the floor. She provocatively crawls toward the camera on all fours. She turns 180° so we once more can see the adorable ass. Ildiko’s pussy takes some more poking from his happy digits. She creeps around on the floor on her hands and knees until she realizes the camera is holding his dick in his hand. Ildiko’s crouches before him, and smiles up at him with her radiant face. Her tongue flicks at his head a few times. Finally his head inches into her mouth. Her left hand caresses the shaft as her mouth works over the cap. He tosses her cowboy hat aside so we can see all of her wet hair. His left hand rides her head while Ildiko’s lips and pierced-tongue work their magic on his flute. She switches hands, and manages more of his meat into her mouth. Man you got love those eyes as they stare up at the camera. What is really great about Ildiko is that she does not look like your typical sophisticated European star, but rather like a fresh, young girl just out having fun sucking cock. Ildiko lies down on a ping-pong table with her pussy near one corner. She fingers her cunt, waiting patiently. The cameraman slithers his snake into her perfect hole. He slowly strokes it in and out. The innocent-looking cherub enjoys the unvarying in-and-out of his love muscle. Her perfect B-cups sway back and forth. Ildiko’s creamy body is awe-inspiring. Our adventurous cameraman lies down on the green, patio carpeting. Ildiko straddles his body, and slides her lush pussy down over his upright column. Its her turn to provide the rhythmic motion now. She leans back as her cunts scales up and down his cock. Several times he rubs the top of her puss as his dick disappears within it. Soon he adds his upward pelvic thrusts to Ildiko’s plunges down his cock. Ildiko dismounts, and hunches down over his cock. She slips his meaty club back into her mouth. This doll loves slurping on stiff toy, and stroking it with her hand. Ildiko may be 21 but looks barely 18 as she enjoys her oral delight. She stands up and walks back into the house. Obviously our POV dude follows; he is no fool. Back on the floor in the house they go so she can resume her cocksucking in the same position. Ildiko presses his cock between her tits as she rubs it between the heavenly orbs. He rides his shaft back and forth between them as she smiles at the lucky bastard. Once more she goes back to sucking his dick. Ildiko climbs back onboard his cock with her pussy, and rides his stiff pony. The camera zooms in on her bouncing tits. Ildiko leans way back and supports her self with her arms extended behind her as her cunt travels up and down his plump pole. Ildiko turns around, and rides him reverse cowgirl. He slams his cock again and again up into her pussy. Her butt slaps against his body with each thrust. After a good turn in the saddle, Ildiko goes back to what is natural for her, sucking dick. She mounts him once more, and leans forward as she glides up and down. He has a great view of her ass and her pussy as it suctions itself around his cock. On the wood floor they find a small white rug. Our lucky fellow mounts Ildiko from behind. Several times he withdraws and gives us a great view of her gaping pussy. From there she lies down on a white love seat. In the missionary position he once more feels her cunt with his cock. The moment is final at hand as she squats on the floor leaning back against the love seat. From her love he jerks his cock until it explodes. Several good shots crash onto her face. A couple streams coat her cute little nose in cum. Cum hangs from her chin, and much of it falls to her neck and upper chest. The blonde angel looks great with the gooey mess sticking to her face and body. To top it off Ildiko walks outside, and down the side walk totally nude still capped in cum. In whole the scene somewhat lacked excitement, but Ildiko’s beauty and innocence made up for it.


“Ildiko in POV” Face: A Body: B+ Charm: B+ Sex: B (some great intense moments, but STOP editing out the penetration) HIGHLIGHTS: cowgirl outfit, intense 7 minutes from 30:00-37:03 featuring reverse cowgirl and doggy (A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich) Ildiko is a very cute blonde with a sexy body. She’s not necessarily of the tall, lean, toned and statuesque variety … instead, she exudes more of a girl next door appeal. She is playful on camera and always has a seductive smile on her face. What she lacks in statuesque/model-like beauty, she makes up for with a knack for a lively performance. I enjoy watching her, and she is definitely above average for this site. Her POV scene is very satisfying, but I really was irritated that most of the penetration in this video was spliced out. Gonzo is about reality, and nothing takes away from the illusion of reality more than being made aware of editing. Jumps in time, leaving out the good parts such as penetration and repositioning, makes the action feel more produced and less natural and spontaneous. Boo! From 30:00 to 37:03 we get some very hot reverse cowgirl and doggy mixed in with some impromptu blow job. The pounding becomes quite intense and shows off Ildiko’s ass quite nicely. The intense pounding is enough for the raincoater with an ass fixation to be fully satisfied with this vid, and I enjoyed this part of the movie the best! Since she started off the vid in a cowgirl outfit, it would have been nice to see her wearing her chaps and hat during the reverse cowgirl and doggy positions. During the action, how about taking a lace lasso from her belt and playfully placing it around her neck, held by the cameraman, with some tapping? Seems like a wasted opportunity ... The movie concludes with a huge splash of cum in Ildiko’s face. The fact that she walks away from the camera with this load is a nice touch and is an example of a real moment that works in gonzo. More, please. Worth a download, especially if you like blondes, the girl-next-door look, or asses featured in doggystyle. -Scene Doc