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This alternative chick meets my large cock. She sucks me down and then I stick it right in her tight pussy. She is so warm and wet that I have to cum so I blast a load all over her pretty face.

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We are very fortunate to meet 18-year-old Brigita. This blonde stunner is in a black top with a matching mini-skirt with a bit of navy theme to it. Brigita prances around for us outside for about six minutes. During the show she shows us her perky little tits and a mouthwatering teenage pussy which she cheerfully fingers for us. When she walks inside the house she sees a rock hard cock waiting for her. Brigita saunters over to the naked stud. She tenderly strokes his prick with her left hand. Brigita drops to her knees, and draws his meat pole into her youthful mouth. The high school-aged whore looks awesome gazing up at the camera. His left hand lightly grips her head as he face fucks the blonde, Hungarian teenager. Several times he beats his curved cock on her extended pierced tongue and lips. His hand pulls her face into his balls. Brigita lavishes love on his wrinkled nut-sack. She also power strokes his cock with both hands, sometimes slipping his crown into her mouth. Our super lucky stud lays down on a white couch. As he strokes his shaft Brigita completely disrobes. She bends over, and with her left hand seizes his cock. Her mouth begins it trip up and down his pillar as she remains standing, slumped over. With his left hand he grips the back of her head near her neck, helping to propel her head up and down. Brigita swings her leg over his body. She slides her pink pussy down over his flag pole as she mounts him reverse cowgirl. She leans forward over his legs as she begin her ride on his rigid pony. The pace picks up after he gives her a few good whacks on the butt cheeks. After several minutes Brigita hops off her ride, and pivots 180°. Her hand and mouth go back to work on his dick while he clutches a handful of her blonde hair. This teenybopper loves sucking manmeat. Brigita hops back in the saddle, this time facing her partner. She leans back so we get a nice view of her breach pussy the tattoo that adorns it. His thumb and fingers play with her chick pussy as she bounces on his dick. Brigita assumes the doggy position on the couch. Our stud spits on her dilated asshole and pussy. He rubs his head against her asshole and slides his cock through her ass crack. We tantalizingly watch, hoping it plows into her backdoor, but we are disappointed as it dips down back into her pussy. He strokes his piston and out of her pink cave. Brigita’s shithole winks at us as her pussy his pumped by the thick cock. I love it when he pulls out, and brings his dick up close to her face. Brigita’s eyes are locked on the camera as she sucks his cock with her cunt juices clinging to it. His hand tightly grips the top of her head as she feeds on his brawny shaft. Brigita rolls onto her back, and spreads her legs wide. He spits on her shaved pussy, and strokes it with a pair of fingers. Soon two fingers become three fingers, and then four. Brigita guides his dick into her cunt, between her sugar walls. Hoisting her right leg and gripping it for leverage, he pounds his cock into our barely legal slut. Brigita closes her eyes and moans during the thumping. Brigita sits up on the couch as our lucky stud strokes his cock. Her mouth and tongue caresses his balls as they bounce before her. He tilts his cock down. Brigita stretches out her tongue with eyes closed. The first big jet streams across her right cheek. The second hits her square between the eyes. The next hits her upper lip and falls to her tongue. Her right cheek is hit again just below her eye. Some more strikes above her lip on the left side. Brigita takes his gooey helmet into her mouth. She finally opens her eyes now that the damage has been done. With his right hand he shoves her head deep onto his dick. Once he removes his cock we finally get a good look at the total devastation. Her right cheek is a mess. The big blob that hit her forehead has a thick trail of white that goes down the left side of her nose to her lips. A sizeable glob clings to her chin below her left lip. Her lips have a frothy film on them. This scene is easily a 9 on a 10-point scale. An anal penetration would have pushed it close to perfection. Thank you for showing us this hot little whore. It is like going to a high school football game, and dreaming about what you could do with the cheerleaders on the sideline.


For me personally, girls don't get much better than Brigita. She is truly stunning, and fits my tastes to a T. She has gorgeous blonde hair, a pretty smile, small, perky tits with pretty little nipples, and one of the most beautiful bubble-gum-pink pussies I've ever seen. Moreover, this scene spends a large amount of time simply showing Brigita off. When she's not parading around and teasing us in her black outfit and white, fishnet thong, she's crawling toward the camera on the grass and stopping to coax herself to orgasm with her fingers. But that's not the end of the tease. We get to see her slip off her clothes from the cock's point of view before she walks over and sucks on it a little. The inevitable fuck session almost seems like a let-down after all that--almost. Although the reverse cowgirl and doggy positions don't do as much for me, probably because there's less for the POV camera to see in those positions, the regular cowgirl and missionary positions more than make up for it. Brigita's partner fingers her and she does a fair amount of pussy to mouth before her man lands a spectacular facial on Brigita's best feature. Honestly, Brigita's beauty and the patient tease-work alone make this scene worth a download, throw in some gorgeous sex and a great facial, and it becomes almost mandatory. Unless you're stuck on big-tits or (parish the thought) don't like gorgeous blondes, this scene is required viewing. MLyons